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  1. The Pontic embassy dates to the autumn and early winter 89 BC.
  2. In 89 BC they obtained Latin citizenship and, in 49 BC, Roman citizenship.
  3. A map of Asia Minor in 89 BC at the start of the First Mithridatic War.
  4. This was followed by his election as Praetor in 89 BC, and his appointment as Social War.
  5. Archelaus was a prominent Pontic general during the First Mithridatic War ( 89 BC-85 BC ).
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  7. He served as a censor in 89 BC . As a censor, he banned foreign wines and unguents.
  8. In 89 BC, both consuls went to the northern front whilst Sulla took sole command of the southern front.
  9. In 89 BC Sulla captured Aeclanum, the chief town of the Hirpini, by setting the wooden breastwork on fire.
  10. In the campaign of the following year, ( 89 BC ), Sulla took Aeclanum, one of their strongest cities.
  11. For example, in 89 BC Sulla captured Aeclanum, the chief town of Hirpini, by setting the wooden breastwork on fire.
  12. It was probably occupied by Sulla in 89 BC, and was the scene of the death of Titus Annius Milo in 48 BC.
  13. In 89 BC, after the final occupation of the city by Roman General Lucius Cornelius Sulla, Pompeii was finally annexed by the Roman Republic.
  14. The Oscan text probably dates form around 89 BC but whether it was written before or after the Social War ( War of the Allies ) is disputed.
  15. In 89 BC, Brixia was recognized as " civitas " ( " city " ) and in 41 BC, its inhabitants received Roman citizenship.
  16. The town was destroyed by Lucius Cornelius Sulla on 30 April 89 BC during the Social War, a revolt by many of Rome's allies in the area.
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