a bad buy造句

"a bad buy"是什么意思   


  1. For resale value, it'll be a bad buy because it's a custom house.
  2. As major ticket purchases go, this wasn't a bad buy.
  3. The camera has an unusually high price for the small pixel count, which some might call a bad buy.
  4. Competition from Microsoft Corp ., the world's largest personal computer software maker, also makes Wordperfect a bad buy, analysts said.
  5. It is his opinion that the baseball team was a bad buy on Bolen s part because they have no market or fan base.
  6. It's difficult to find a bad buy in a sentence. 用a bad buy造句挺难的
  7. The Detroit Lions paid quarterback Scott Mitchell a bundle based on seven starts in Miami in 1993, but in'94 he proved a bad buy.
  8. "If you have a bad buy on an item, it's clearly better to start now instead of stringing it out over a period of month, " he said.
  9. This product is not a bad buy for $ 189, which includes two external units, cables to connect two computers and one or more printers and Intel's networking software.
  10. So the basic Miata, which isn't a bad buy for budget-conscious enthusiasts, can be gussied up with a creature-comfort M package that adds $ 4, 600 to the base price.
  11. Dinner, served on a patio with louvers opening onto the street, was of necessity something of an anticlimax, although my lamb with couscous was fine . ( Tom's paella, made with orzo instead of rice, was less successful . ) Still, at $ 32 for two, not counting drinks, it wasn't a bad buy.


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