a bad hat造句

"a bad hat"是什么意思   


  1. It was a bad glove, and a bad hat,
  2. Not a bad hat trick, not to mention how Alomar's ad hoc Jiffy Lube will influence North America's youth.
  3. His entry in the Canon Lummis files states that : " Judging from numerous entries in the muster roles as to imprisonment, he appears to have been a bad hat ."
  4. The front-runner is Vladimir Meciar, a former prime minister widely seen as a bad hat who engineered his country's break-up with the Czech Republic in 1993, let cronyism hijack the economy and flouted democratic norms with such abandon that neither the European Union nor NATO would even talk of letting Slovakia in.
  5. It's difficult to find a bad hat in a sentence. 用a bad hat造句挺难的


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