a big number造句

"a big number"是什么意思   


  1. powerful, and empowering for you as an individual . for one is a big number
  2. oh, we'll find him . likeyou said, 1 2's a big number
  3. patent pending proposed by maerz comprises the installation of a big number of
  4. 10 is a big number, but i feel as if i've only just begun
  5. there are very few eskimos in alaska so 11, 623 is not a big number to anyone
  6. It's difficult to find a big number in a sentence. 用a big number造句挺难的
  7. most analysts believe the published budget is understated ? in which case, why trumpet such a big number
  8. most analysts believe the published budget is understate d ? in which case, why trumpet such a big number
  9. most analysts believe the published budget is understated ? in which case, why trumpet such a big number
  10. i would expect, though, that mongolian gull would be a big number migrant through that area and that your big gulls would be that species
  11. lawyer : you must've sensed that, uh, when you left her at the altar like that, it would be a big number on her . you weren't insensitive to that
  12. the current ratio of female subject to breast cancer through life in japan is approximately 1 / 25 that is rapidly approaching to a bigger number such as 1 / 13 in some areas in the world
  13. the newly developed system comprises a big number of single cooling elements, each consisting of a thin base plate on one side, shaped to the shell, and water channels made of half pipes on the other side
  14. company starlight gem manufacture co . ltd . is a " manufacturing " company and has its own stone cutting factory of cubic-zirconia and synthetic stones occupying a big number of skilled workers
  15. however the current mammography needs technical improvements in order to have a bigger number of female receiving breast checkup; one is to visualize cancer in a dense breast and the second to provide a comfort during diagnosis
  16. mr . ambassador : a big number of students now are studying in switzerland . many of them are in private schools, especially in the hotel management schools, because swiss hotel management schools are well known all over the world
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