a change of administration造句


  1. One issue that often arises in connection with a change of administration is access to information,
  2. Since a change of administrations two years ago, Bangkok has been trying to increase public parks.
  3. A single net gain by the opposition parties would have probably resulted in a change of administration.
  4. And those that are staying on are career diplomats " protected by law from being fired with a change of administration.
  5. "The North is really on an overall diplomatic maneuver to prepare for a change of administration in the United States,"
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  7. For the government, that means the risk inherent in a change of administration, perhaps a Republican one with different views on antitrust matters.
  8. Bruton said Monday a change of administration in Britain offers new opportunities for ending more than a quarter century of sectarian strife in Northern Ireland.
  9. Under federal rules, Dombeck, as a member of the senior executive service, cannot be dismissed from his post until 120 days after a change of administration.
  10. The Government did not seek to petition the Supreme Court for certiorari in this case, its decision reflecting a change of prosecutorial policy with a change of Administration.
  11. Adolfo Rodriguez, a spokesman for the village government, defended the plan, but said some projects have been delayed due to a change of administrations here in January.
  12. "Their strategy would really be to delay, hoping there'll be a change of administration and the next president will be more cooperative and sympathetic,"
  13. Although a societal collapse is generally an endpoint for the administration of a culture's social and economic life, societal collapse can also be seen as simply a change of administration within the same culture.
  14. The plans for exhumation were sidelined by 2013 as " there was a change of administration and the new authorities at the Ministry of Culture " were " less than enthusiastic " to proceed with the plan.
  15. Eventually, through a change of administration, he was cashiered in March 1838, and he returned to England in January 1839 . He had slender means, since heavy claims for arrears of pay remained unsettled.
  16. "I don't think they'll reopen it unless they have a change of administration in Washington, and even then I don't know, " he said . " There is nothing you can do ."
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