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  1. When assembled, the balls resembled a cluster of grapes, hence the name.
  2. Pair fresh mozzarella with sliced tomatoes; brie, Camembert or fromage blanc with a cluster of grapes.
  3. In his proper right hand he holds a goblet, and his left hand holds a cluster of grapes.
  4. The blood from the wound is also sometimes depicted as ears of wheat, or as a cluster of grapes.
  5. The Shawangunk Wine Trail, marked by signs decorated with a cluster of grapes, starts south of New Paltz at Modena.
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  7. The fungus is specific epithet " racemosa " is from the Latin word " racemus "  " a cluster of grapes ".
  8. VDP members may ( and almost always do ) use the VDP logotype, a stylized eagle with a cluster of grapes, on their wine bottles.
  9. "There isn't a day that goes by that we don't pass not a balloon but a bunch 30 or 40, like a cluster of grapes ."
  10. In many species, such as " Vitis vinifera ", each successfully pollinated flower becomes a grape berry with the inflorescence turning into a cluster of grapes.
  11. The French company Embag markets a product called " Dream Taste " which uses a copolymer shaped like a cluster of grapes to remove the TCA taint from wine.
  12. Eating a cluster of grapes or a ripe peach, plum or nectarine out of hand is the ideal finish to an outdoor meal of sophisticated convenience, but life shouldn't be too easy.
  13. Overlapping the southern rim of K is the smaller Milne L . In the northeast part of the floor is an unusual tight formation of 10 12 small impacts that almost resembles a cluster of grapes.
  14. Some gravestones show a tree with branches either outspread or broken off, symbolizing the death of a young man or an old man respectively; or they have a cluster of grapes as an emblem of Israel.
  15. A recent daily-special entree of herb chicken couscous stuffed in steamed red bell pepper halves was rounded out with two triangles of greaseless focaccia bread, an undressed salad of mixed greens topped with fresh sliced tomatoes, and a cluster of grapes.
  16. The map also exhibits historical and Avshalom the son of Israeli king David hanging from a tree, two of The Twelve Spies holding a cluster of grapes, the battle of David and Goliath, Abraham's three visitors, and the Star of Bethlehem.
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