a discography造句


  1. A discography of the " quiet Beatle ", George Harrison.
  2. I have added a discography of three albums to the article.
  3. Diaz Ayala was determined to respond with a discography of Cuban music.
  4. See videos, photos, lyrics, a discography and tour dates.
  5. It also includes a comprehensive list of his compositions and a discography.
  6. It's difficult to find a discography in a sentence. 用a discography造句挺难的
  7. Assorted Porkchops has planned on releasing a discography in the near future.
  8. A discography for an artist is not " of no interest ".
  9. This is a discography of the Dutch electronic DJ and producer Ti雜to.
  10. I searched for a discography on Amazon but found this book instead.
  11. This page is a discography for rock and roll musician Little Richard.
  12. :: Cd covers are not allowed as part of a discography.
  13. This article is a discography for singing group The Ronettes.
  14. Songs came from all corners of a discography that stretches back 40 years.
  15. Mainly created a discography and copied some text, cutting out the advertisements.
  16. Ani DiFranco doesn't have a discography page.
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