a disdainful look造句

"a disdainful look"是什么意思   


  1. I forget what Teller ( the short one ) did to prompt the remark, but Penn would fix him with a disdainful look and say:
  2. If she glances back at all _ and she usually doesn't _ it is only to give you a disdainful look for momentarily blocking her path.
  3. When I noticed a certificate, signed by the president and prime minister of Italy, making him a cavaliere, or knight, he shot me a disdainful look and commented : " That doesn't matter.
  4. Buster wanders in occasionally to give the new dog a disdainful look, then trots imperiously out to the kitchen to pee on a chair leg . ( We are hoping that the new dog will be a good influence on Buster, whose idea of being housebroken is going only in the house.
  5. An administration official, speaking anonymously because he also did not want to be identified as critical of Bush's debate performance, said he had been astounded to see Bush repeatedly display on television a disdainful look that was familiar to people who work with him in the White House, but which aides, in preparing him for the debates, warned against.
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