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  1. The secretariat pla the conferences where countries negotiate and develop resolutio that are then pa ed on to the un general a embly for further debate
  2. A oftware development tool that tra late human - readable a embly languageprogram into machine - language i tructio that the roce or ca understandand execute
  3. When checking for a type ' s definition , the compiler must know which a embly contai the type so that the a embly information and the type information can be emitted into the resulting file
  4. A rovel architecture of parallel machine tool based on 6 - mechanism is presented . by using the theory of parallel robotic mechanisms , the local payload index of the ma chine tool situated at the initial a embly configuration is defined and the relatio hi between the local payload index and the link lengths are analyzed , which is useful for the optimal design and a lication of the machine tool
    应用并联机器人机构学理论,定义了一种新型6 -并联机床处于初始装配位姿时的承载能力性能指标,并分析其承载能力性能指标与结构参数关系,为设计和使用该结构方案的并联机床提供理论依据。
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