a secluded place造句

"a secluded place"是什么意思   


  1. They went away in the boat to a secluded place by themselves
    可6 : 32他们就坐船、暗暗的往旷野地方去。
  2. Thankfully , i knew the way well and could question him if he ever took an unknown turn to , perhaps , a secluded place to rob me of my laptop and whatevers
  3. And he said to them , " come away by yourselves to a secluded place and rest a while . " ( for there were many people coming and going , and they did not even have time to eat
    可6 : 31他就说、你们来同我暗暗的到旷野地方去歇一歇这是因为来往的人多、他们连吃饭也没有工夫。
  4. One perfecting the science of uniting the individual consciousness with the ultimate consciousness , consistently residing alone in a secluded place engaged in controlling the mind ; desireless , free from proprietorship ; should meditate on the inner self
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