a second bite at the cherry造句

"a second bite at the cherry"是什么意思   


  1. But now we're back for a second bite at the cherry.
  2. "The ` no'lobby are down but not out because they have a second bite at the cherry in the Assembly elections,"
  3. "The way to get rich is to buy from the fearful and sell to the greedy, " said Dudley Howard, managing director of Guinness Flight Asia Ltd . " We think this is a good chance to take a second bite at the cherry ."
  4. The court held that a successful application by the State for the setting aside of an acquittal, based on the grounds that the prosecutor had failed to obtain the necessary approval before stopping the proceedings, would be tantamount to giving the State " a second bite at the cherry . " The judgment of the court " a quo ", the verdict of " not guilty, " was therefore confirmed.
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