a use造句


  1. You get more guarantees than that at a used clothes store.
  2. A used glider can be purchased for $ 1, 000.
  3. The retailer has not determined a use for the remaining space.
  4. But she scored a used one through the flea market ads.
  5. Then he bought a used pickup and gave me the car.
  6. It's difficult to find a use in a sentence. 用a use造句挺难的
  7. Never has a used-car dealership been more consumer friendly.
  8. But knowing what to charge for a used computer is difficult.
  9. Would you buy a used car from a cyber-salesman?
  10. I just bought a used car and drove up Benedict Canyon.
  11. There's a used-book store down the street.
  12. If there is a USE, it will be a superpower.
  13. How do you show a used car in a TV ad?
  14. At worst, it will be sold as a used car.
  15. A use of absolute energy is more Fagan's style.
  16. When they bought their RV, it was a used one.
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