1. AARO : hhttp : / / www . aarp . org
  2. Aaro Vainio was second, while David Fumanelli scored his first series podium.
  3. Tuuttim鰎k?also uses a pseudonym Aaro Di Costa when performing electronic music in a group Mad Max Mattel.
  4. In spring 2012 band s line up changed, while Aaro Sariola left the group and Antti Hevosmaa joined in.
  5. These include Lauri Viita, Olavi Virta, Mikko Alatalo, Hannu Salama, Seela Sella, Keith Armstrong, Aaro Hellaakoski.
  6. It's difficult to find aaro in a sentence. 用aaro造句挺难的
  7. Paavo Talvela was promoted from colonel to major general on 18 December 1939 . Aaro Pajari was promoted to colonel on 18 December 1939.
  8. "' Liisa Ahtee "'was born on 2 October 1937 in Turku to Aaro Veli Vilho and Lyyli Iida Kyllikki.
  9. Helvi Heleena H鋗鋖鋓nen was born in Hamina, but moved to Helsinki with her parents Aaro and Iida H鋗鋖鋓nen while still a pre-schooler.
  10. Aaro Vainio won the sprint race, leading home team-mate Korjus to give team Koiranen GP the lead in the teams'championship in after their first GP3 Series round.
  11. Aaro Kivilinna was an ice hockey defenseman from Helsinki, Finland who also worked as a sports journalist and as the secretary and later vice-president of the Finnish Ice Hockey Association.
  12. Lacking the means to quickly bring the results of the work to the public, Coutts developed an in-house publications capacity within the AARO and VAS which produced the series Records of the Victorian Archaeological Survey, the VAS Occasional Reports series and other related publications.
  13. A spokesman for de Chastelain, Aaro Suonio, said the general could not comment on what he told Blair and Irish Prime Minister Bertie Ahern on Tuesday, " but we can confirm that an inventory of the IRA's decommissioned weapons was not disclosed ."
  14. There can be little doubt that the loss of three of its largest and most prestigious vessels to enemy action [ " Aaro " and " Calypso " sunk; " Eskimo " captured ] during a three-week period in the summer contributed greatly to the Wilson family's decision to sell the company.
  15. Initially, the only RED HORSE unit to have parachute-inserted troops ( Airborne ) was the 820th RED HORSE . In 2004, however, the 554th established an Airborne capability known as the 554th RHS Assault, Assessment, and Repair Operations ( AARO, pronounced  arrow ) team to provide an Airborne-inserted rapid airfield seizure and repair capability for the Pacific theater.
  16. And on May 30 Ryti, Witting, Walden, Kivim鋕i, Mannerheim, Heinrichs, Talvela and Aaro Pakaslahti from Foreign Ministry had a meeting where they accepted the results of those negotiations with a list of some prerequisites : a guarantee of Finnish independence, the pre-Winter War borders ( or better ), continuing grain deliveries, and that Finnish troops would not cross the border before a Soviet incursion.


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