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  1. Previously, Aaron Kamin is a member of the MPR group representatives.
  2. PTI is headed by three deans : Rabbi Noam Abramchik, Rabbi Aaron Kamin, and Rabbi Avi Mandel.
  3. The record only features original members Band and guitarist Aaron Kamin along with a variety of session musicians.
  4. Alex Band and Aaron Kamin had just finished a sound check at the Roxy Theatre when the club's bouncer approached them.
  5. The title of the album comes from a Los Angeles street where band members Alex Band and Aaron Kamin first met.
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  7. Two years ago, the Calling burst onto the charts with " Wherever You Will Go . " Alex Band and Aaron Kamin were young, excited _ and, they admit, a little naive.
  8. Several bands followed including one named " Generation Gap " that consisted of him, Aaron Kamin, a musician he met when Kamin began dating his sister, and a few much older musicians.
  9. When Aaron Kamin and Alex Band wrote the song they both had girls in mind, but according to Band they changed the name in the song to Adrienne because, " We didn't want a lawsuit ."
  10. Along with bandmate and fellow songwriter Aaron Kamin as part of The Calling, the pair achieved success with the release of their two studio albums; " Camino Palmero " ( 2001 ) and " Adrienne ", " Our Lives ", and " Things Will Go My Way ".


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