abbess of remiremont造句


  1. Louise Ad閘a飀e later took the veil herself and became the abbess of Remiremont Abbey.
  2. She was the Titular Abbess of Remiremont.
  3. The abbess of Remiremont Abbey was raised to the status of Imperial Princess and consecrated by the Pope.
  4. He was attached to the household of " Princess of Epinoy and B閍trice Hi閞onyme de Lorraine, future Abbess of Remiremont.
  5. Saint-Simon also said that he married his cousin B閍trice Hi閞onyme de Lorraine ( 1662 1738 ), Abbess of Remiremont.
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  7. He tried to install his eldest daughter, Elisabeth Charlotte, as Abbess of Remiremont but failed due to the opposition of Pope Clement XI.
  8. The bailiwick belonged to the Abbess of Remiremont who had control over the administration of justice here at all levels, although the administration of justice was in practice delegated.
  9. "' Anne Charlotte of Lorraine "'( 17 May 1714 & ndash; 7 November 1773 ) was the Abbess of Remiremont, Mons and Essen.
  10. She was made the coadjutrice of Remiremont in 1705; In 1710, she became the Abbess of Remiremont, a prestigious Benedictine abbey near Remiremont, Vosges, France.
  11. It is said that the abbess of Remiremont founded an order of nuns called the " Dames du Saint-Sacrement " with strict dietary rules prohibiting the consumption of meat.
  12. One of five children, she was not raised with her siblings but in a convent, because she was destined to become abbess of Remiremont and was styled as such.
  13. His paternal cousin's included B閍trice Hi閞onyme de Lorraine, Abbess of Remiremont and Anne Julie de Melun, mother of the " Mar閏hal-Prince de Soubise ".
  14. "' B閍trice Hi閞onyme de Lorraine "'( 1 July 1662 & ndash; 9 February 1738 ) was a member of the House of Lorraine and was the Abbess of Remiremont.
  15. "' Princess Maria Christina of Saxony "'( Maria Christina Anna Theresa Salomea Eulalia Francisca Xaveria; 12 February 1735 & ndash; 19 November 1782 ) was a Princess of Saxony and later Abbess of Remiremont.
  16. With the defeat of Napoleon, Louis Joseph returned to Paris, where he resumed his courtly duties as " grand ma顃re " in the royal household of Louis XVIII . He died in 1818 and was succeeded by his son, Louise Ad閘a飀e de Bourbon, who was a nun and had become the abbess of Remiremont Abbey, survived until 1824.


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