abbess of shaftesbury造句


  1. Emma was an abbess of Shaftesbury Abbey at the beginning of the 12th century.
  2. "' Elizabeth Shelford "'was abbess of Shaftesbury Abbey from 1505-1528.
  3. Geoffrey also had illegitimate children by an unknown mistress ( or mistresses ) : Abbess of Shaftesbury and who may be the poet Marie de France.
  4. "' 苐thelfreda "'( also 苐thelthryth or 苐thelfl鎑 ) may have been the abbess of Shaftesbury at the beginning of the second millennium.
  5. Under the terms of Giffard's will, which was dated 13 September 1300, he left a large number of legacies to his kinsfolk, including his sister Mabel, Abbess of Shaftesbury, and to various churches.
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  7. In 1539, the last Abbess of Shaftesbury, Elizabeth Zouche, signed a deed of surrender, the ( by then extremely wealthy ) abbey was demolished, and its lands sold, leading to a temporary decline in the town.


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