abbess of whitby造句


  1. In Hild, abbess of Whitby, as Anna's wife and the mother of S鎡hryth, Seaxburh of Ely and 苩helthryth.
  2. Hilda stayed at Hartlepool Abbey until 657 or 658 when at Aidans behest she became founding abbess of Whitby Abbey, then called Streoneshalh.
  3. In 657 Hilda became the founding abbess of Whitby Abbey, then known as " Streoneshalh "; she remained there until her death.
  4. Among those consecrated by Paulinus were Hilda, later the founding abbess of Whitby Abbey, and Hilda's successor, Eanfl鎑, Edwin's daughter.
  5. In fact, the ammonite " Hildoceras " is named after an early Christian saint, the Abbess of Whitby St . Hild or Hilda ( 614-680 ).
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  7. Under the year 713 there is a reference to " mors Alflidae et Halidulfi regis ", the deaths of 苐fl鎑, Abbess of Whitby, and Aldwulf, King of East Anglia.
  8. Excavations in the 1920s by Radford and Peers found several building foundations and two inscribed memorial stones believed to record the deaths of St . 苐fflaed, Abbess of Whitby, and Cyneburgh, queen of King Oswald.


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