1. He said the Lord Abbet lease at 90 Hudson, which enabled Hartz to secure longterm financing on the building, encouraged the company to invest its own money in the land at 70 Hudson.
  2. We're in a nice quiet period, " said Bob Morris, director of equity investments at Lord, Abbet & AMP; Co ., which manages some $ 20 billion, before the tobacco bombshell broke.
  3. It was the securing of an anchor tenant, the mutual fund manager Lord Abbet, to a 20-year lease for 150, 000 square feet _ and the rush to meet a deadline _ that motivated the $ 10 million purchase of the 70 Hudson site, said Emanuel Stern, president of Hartz Mountain.
  4. It's difficult to find abbet in a sentence. 用abbet造句挺难的


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