abbeville county courthouse造句


  1. On October 1, 1908, what was then the Abbeville District dedicated a new Abbeville County Courthouse and City Hall.
  2. In this situation, the 1960 easement was apparently only on file in the SCDOT records vault, and not at the Abbeville County courthouse.
  3. The "'Abbeville County Courthouse "', built in 1908, is an historic courthouse located in the east corner of Court Square, in the city of Abbeville Historic District.
  4. Despite initial concerns over security at the 100-year-old Abbeville County Courthouse, Eighth Circuit Judicial Solicitor Jerry Peace determined on August 29, 2006, that the trial would be held in Abbeville County.
  5. The Abbeville County Courthouse, Abbeville Historic District, Abbeville Opera House, Armistead Burt House, Patrick Calhoun Family Cemetery, Cedar Springs Historic District, Harbison College President's Home, Trinity Episcopal Church and Cemetery and Upper Long Cane Cemetery are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
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