abbey craig造句


  1. The Abbey Craig is in the middle distance.
  2. On the opposite bank of the Forth lies Abbey Craig, upon which sits the National Wallace Monument.
  3. It stands on the Abbey Craig, a volcanic Edward I, just before the Battle of Stirling Bridge.
  4. The Scots arrived first and encamped on Abbey Craig which dominated the soft, flat ground north of the river.
  5. The Abbey Craig is part of a complex quartz-dolerite intrusion or sill within carboniferous strata, at the western edge of the Central Coal Field, known as the Stirling Sill.
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  7. Although relatively small ( its height is 418 metres ), the characteristic shape of the hill forms an important part of the distinctive scenery of the Stirling area, and it is often depicted ( particularly in postcards and calendars ) in combination with the nearby Abbey Craig.
  8. The slope of the Abbey Craig, or the Stirling Castle rock, gives a general idea of the angle of dip of the coal measures at the extremity or the coalfield, and the thickness of the sill can also be seen, which is approximately 100 metres.
  9. In the case of the River Forth, the carse extends some considerable distance above and below Stirling, where due to constraints such as the Abbey Craig to the north and the castle rock, on which the town is based, to the south, it is very narrow.


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