abc 123造句


  1. These states and provinces tend to use other numbers such as ABC 123.
  2. It remains in use to this day, except in Douglas, Sarpy Counties, which adopted an uncoded ABC 123 serial format in 2002.
  3. Under the current plate series, a single serial number format of ABC 1234 ( and ABC 123 for motorcycles ) has been introduced for the entire country, with either the country name, the vehicle type, or both displayed on the plate.
  4. When the 1AB 234 format made its first appearance in September 1988, the first serial numbers observed began with 6VB; this was because most plates with serial numbers from 2VA 100 through 9VZ 999 and 2XA 100 through 9XZ 999 were issued from new car dealers, which had exhausted their allocations in the ABC 123 format ( roughly VAA 100 through VZZ 999 and XGA 100 through XZZ 999; XAA 100 through XFZ 999 were issued in Suffolk County as mail-out replacement passenger plates ).
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