abc 1600造句


  1. The "'ABC 1600 "'was a personal computer from processor, had of memory and used the operating system ABCenix, a Unix-like system developed from DNIX.
  2. Luxor also tried to compete against the IBM PC in the industrial and office markets with its high performance ABC 1600 and ABC 9000 series of computers based on DIABs real time operating system called DNIX, but failed.
  3. The ABC 1600 used monochrome graphics with a display resolution of and the screen could be turned 90?while in use depending on whether the user desired to work in standing ( portrait ) or horizontal ( landscape ) format.
  4. They would subsequently develop all the ABC-models ( " ABC 800 ", " ABC 1600 " and " ABC 9000 " ) before rebranding their own make of the ABC 9000 as " DIAB DS-90 " and develop a series of Unix-compatible computers, using code licensed from AT & T Version 5 Unix release, but with a unique in-house OEM services past Luxor AB, the most prominent probably being the entire Unix server product line from Cromemco.
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