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  1. A pre - operative diagnosis of colonic diverticulitis complicated with intra - abdominal abscess was made and a laparotomy was done
  2. Results : there was no occurrence of intestinal fistula , abdominal abscess , peritonitis as well as wound infection in 100 cases
    结果: 100例行一期手术治疗的阑尾周围脓肿术后无肠瘘、无腹腔脓肿、无腹膜炎、无切口感染出现。
  3. Such procedures include , but are not limited to , incision and drainage of an abscess , opening an infected wound , removing an infected foreign body , repairing or diverting a bowel leak , or draining an intra - abdominal abscess with a percutaneous catheter
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