abdominal adhesion造句


  1. Such heart tissue constructs, and methods to prevent post-surgery induced abdominal adhesions.
  2. Despite this, cysts can develop in the brain and abdominal adhesions resulting from infection have been reported.
  3. During the Raiders'Organized Team Activities ( OTAs ), Hayden was hospitalized with abdominal adhesions relating to his previous surgery.
  4. -- Seprafilm, a plastic coating to prevent abdominal adhesions after surgery, has taken longer than expected to gain adoption by physicans.
  5. Laparoscopic Surgery Updates told of a doctor who successfully defended himself with a videotape, proving to a jury that he had done nothing wrong in his operation on a woman with abdominal adhesions.
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  7. Joyce Peterson, a 65-year-old from Tacoma, who also was a patient of Deyo, said she has not yet steeled herself to watch the tape of her four-hour operation last April, to remove abdominal adhesions.


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