abdominal areas造句

"abdominal areas"是什么意思   


  1. he feels bloated in his abdominal area
  2. massage on the abdominal area is not advisable during pregnancy, menstruation, or when feeling too full or nausea
  3. fat accumulated around the abdominal area particularly increases the risk of developing diabetes and associated complications
  4. muscles in the abdominal area will contract to form a more solid base, but are often overstimulated, depleting energy reserves
  5. 15 if you are planning on getting pregnant, you should be very cautious about the placement of any tattoo near the abdominal area
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  7. in sever cases, the bladder cannot expel urine and results in urinary retention, causing swelling and pain in the lower abdominal area
  8. encourage subcutaneous insulin injection into the abdominal area ( most rapid absorption ) or thigh ( slowest ), with the gluteal area ( or the arm ) as other possible injection sites
  9. in particular, adults with excess fat concentrated around the abdominal area, and or who were under-nourished in very early life and subsequently gained excess body fat very rapidly as infants the so-called barker effect and or who lead very sedentary lives seem to be much more likely to suffer from ill health and disease associated with overweight and obesity


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