abdominal band造句

"abdominal band"是什么意思   


  1. Their abdominal bands are usually interrupted in the middle.
  2. The hindwings are olive brown and the pale abdominal bands are much less conspicuous.
  3. The edges of the abdominal band are more straight edged than in " P . mira ".
  4. All " Ceratogyrus " species possess a pale yellow anteriorly placed, transverse, sub-abdominal band.
  5. The blue-black color and orange abdominal band cause it to be confused with the female of the more common Gulf Coast region and mostly in June and July in the northern range.
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  7. The forewing upperside is most similar to " Eumorpha anchemolus " and " Eumorpha triangulum " but distinguishable from both by the more-or-less parallel-sided dorsal abdominal band ..


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