1. The andardi is a festival dance of the Tagbanwa in and around Aborlan, perform at social gatherings.
  2. Aborlan was made into a regular municipality on June 28, 1949, by virtue of Executive Order No . 232.
  3. The passage of Republic Act No . 10171 in 2012 separated Puerto Princesa and Aborlan from the second district to form the 2013 elections.
  4. He claimed to had lived in a basement of a feed mill located in the municipality of Aborlan where he has been living since March 2008.
  5. These homestead lands now comprised the municipality of Narra, Palawan, some barangays of Aborlan and the barangays of Panitian and Malatgao of the municipality of Quezon.
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  7. On Wednesday, Judge Fernando Gomez of the municipal court of Aborlan and Kalayaan towns imposed 10-month prison terms on the skippers of the four Chinese boats seized by Philippine authorities.
  8. Among the public institutions of higher education are the Western Philippines University with campuses in Aborlan and Puerto Princesa City, Coron College of Fisheries, Puerto Princesa School of Arts and Trade and the Palawan College of Arts and Trade in Cuyo, Palawan.
  9. Maj . Gen . Reynaldo Reyes, chief of the military's Western Command, said a thick blanket of haze from the fire has been blown about 3, 500 feet to 5, 000 feet ( 1, 060 meters to 1, 515 meters ) above the town of Aborlan near Puerto Princesa.
  10. These schools were Palawan National School, Puerto Princesa City School for Philippine Crafstmen, San Jose Barangay High School, Inagawan Barangay High School, Puerto Princesa Rural High School, Plaridel Barangay High School in the municipality of Aborlan, Palawan, Narra Barangay High School in the municipality of Narra, Palawan, Pulot Barangay High School in Brooke s Point, Palawan, Bataraza High School, Bataraza, Palawan, Balabac Barangay High School, in the island municipality of Balabac, Palawan.


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