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  1. Absorption ability of lithium zirconate
  2. Saa : sound absorption ability
  3. Otherwise the blades would lose the shock - absorption ability needed to be safe for full contact usage . respect your
  4. Doing so would ruin the shock - absorption ability of the tip and make it unsafe for full - powered thrusting later on
  5. The absorption ability of the film surface was increased , therefore , the photocatalytic activity if the thin film was enhanced
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  7. Absorption abilities were measured with a thermogravimetric analyzer . the experimental results show that doping potassium can significantly improve the co
  8. Characteristics : accelerate cell updated speed , prevent moisture from draining , enhance moisture absorption ability and decrease the wrinkle
  9. The results indicated that nano - zno and commercial zno powder had almost the same absorption abilities in middle infrared band
  10. The sodium silicate sand prepared with higher modulus sodium silicate has advantages of low residual strength , short co2 blowing time , high moisture absorption ability and surface stability
  11. We concluded the effect of the best uncovered time , loaded thickness and humidity on the absorption ability of the activated carbon , and analyzed with the theory of gas - solid absorption
  12. When the organic uv ray absorbers in their anionic forms were intercalated into the layers of the zn2al - ldhs , their uv absorption ability increased further , and their oxidation catalytic activity for the air oxidation of castor oil greatly decreased
    当有机紫外线吸收剂以它们的阴离子形式嵌入到zn _ 2al - ldh层状化合物的层间后,它们的紫外线吸收能力明显增强,而氧化催化活性明显降低。
  13. The water absorption ability of food super - fine powders made from rice , millet and dietary fiber of soybean hulls with different sizes ( 100 , 120 , 140 , 160 , 180 , 200 and more than 200 meshes ) was detected by a self - made capillary detector for water absorption
    摘要对不同粒度( 100 、 120 、 140 、 160 、 180 、 200及200目以上)的大米、小米和大豆皮膳食纤维超细粉的吸水性,采用自制的毛细吸水测定仪进行了测定。
  14. Fundamental of laser 40ar / 39ar dating method : our laboratory has successfully set up the laser microprobe 40ar / 39ar geological dating method . our works include adjustment of the high - gain electron multiplier in mass spectrometer and correction of mass discrimination , adjustment of the laser , test for absorption ability of minerals to laser , designing and manufacturing high - vacuum sample chamber , sample preparation and irradiation , research on the variability of j values on the surface of rock chips , measuring atmospheric argon , determination and correction of blanks and ages , etc . the laser microprobe technique is particularly effective for some geological samples . it can be used , for example , for research of distribution of the components in extremely small samples that are very difficult to be separated and purified and those which contain excess argon
    本文首先从常规~ ( 40 ) ar ~ ( 39 ) ar阶段升温定年实验室的改进入手,进而建立了激光~ ( 40 ) ar ~ ( 39 ) ar定年实验室,利用这两种先进同位素地质定年方法,结合其他手段,对青藏高原腹地和北缘的阿尔金断裂系多期地质事件进行了详细的同位素年代学研究:一、参照国际先进实验室的流程,对我们的常规~ ( 40 ) ar ~ ( 39 ) ar阶段升温实验室在样品的预处理、样品的照射条件和系统空白测量及校正等方面进行了改进,使之产出的同位素年代数据更可靠并为国际同行所承认。
  15. The results showed that the water absorption ability of food super - fine powders could be determined stably and effectively by the self - made equipment , the water absorption abilities were different when the powders were made from different kinks of grains : the powders began to absorb water earlier and the speed of water absorption became rapider while the particle size of the powders was smaller , and the speed suddenly tended to increase and reached the limit value when the particle size of the powders was up to a certain value
  16. Investigation in into the stress of heavy metals to pavlova viridis and the their absorption abilities is key to treatment of environmental contamination , and significant in understanding the transferring and transforming behaviors of heavy metals , the results from obtained from such research can prove useful in establishing the standards for wastewater release and provide a framework for water quality evaluation


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