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  1. Describing non - executable abstract processes
  2. Behavioral descriptions , such as a bpel4ws abstract process
  3. They could then construct a mutually agreeable e - business dialogue definition , using the abstract process feature in bpel
  4. You also use an abstract process as an agreement between two partners on how they interact in an e - business dialogue
  5. This article focuses on the first scenario only ; a future article in this series will consider the abstract process concepts of bpel4ws
  6. It's difficult to find abstracting process in a sentence. 用abstracting process造句挺难的
  7. In addition to being an implementation language , bpel4ws can be used to describe the interfaces of business processes as well - using the notion of abstract processes
    除了是一种实现语言之外, bpel4ws同样还可以用来描述业务流程的接口办法是使用抽象流程这个概念。
  8. These may be " wires " that connect component instances or a " query " that executes to find a component at run time that implements the interface , has the associated qos policies , and matches the specified behavior such as an abstract process or state model
    它们可以是连接组件实例的“网络” ,也可以是在运行时执行以查找组件的“查询” ,所查找的组件实现相关接口,具有相关的qos策略,并且匹配指定的行为(例如抽象流程或状态模型) 。
  9. According to my teaching experience for many years , i explain the concept teaching under the guidance of apos theory and lead the students to understand a mathematics concepts diversely from the realistic prototype of concepts , the abstract process of concepts , the formalization of concepts and the thinking method of mathematics , in conformity with the educational principle that students construct the concept voluntarily
  10. In order to product general component of capp domain , the paper abstracted process planning and process planning decision process and proposed the layered process planning decision process model . according the model , we can handle all the variability of capp domain and parameterize the component and make it to be more generalized and more practical
  11. Clarifies that " boiler is a kind of process system " , and builds boiler ' s abstract process - system model . based on in - depth survey and design review in some boiler factories ; divides boiler project design into four sub - processes : project construction , project analysis , project evaluation , and project adjustment , and elaborates the designer ' s activity in these sub - processes respectively
    在对锅炉的工厂设计工作进行充分调研和总结的基础上,将锅炉方案设计活动分解为“方案创造” 、 “方案分析” 、 “方案评价”和“方案调整”四项子活动,并对设计者在各项子活动中的设计行为进行了详细分析。


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