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  1. In ma adl , the organization and behaviors of multi - agents system are specified and analyzed on four different abstraction levels : component , agent , organization and system
    该语言以csp为语义基础,分别从组件、 agent 、组织、系统四个不同的层次规约和分析了多agent系统的结构和行为。
  2. One problem with the pass - through approach is that it violates bloch s item 43 - the exceptions being thrown are at an abstraction level that is inconsistent with the method throwing them
  3. In other words , exceptions thrown by a method should be defined at an abstraction level consistent with what the method does , not necessarily with the low - level details of how it is implemented
  4. Components - based software development is founded up the object orient . the encapsulation for the question and solution with components technology is completed on the higher abstraction level than that of object - oriented technology
  5. In accordance with design methods adopted in vlsi design , which deal with a design from highest abstraction to the lowest , the thesis discusses the design method of pci target secure chip in three different abstraction levels listed below : i
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  7. Reverse engineering can extract design information from the source code but the abstraction level , the completeness of the documentation , the degree to which the tools and a human analyst work together , and the directionality of the process are highly variable
  8. The level of abstraction at which to design a program then becomes a decision based on tradeoffs , such as the added robustness provided by an abstraction level and the expressiveness and sometimes performance lost in not working at a lower level of abstraction
  9. The problem , methods and technology are studied for application integration , enterprise integration and supply chain integration , and an agent based model was presented for each domain area , which is actually the instances of the common architecture in different abstraction level


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