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  1. Both albums were recorded at Abyss Studios by Peter T鋑tgren of Hypocrisy.
  2. This album was recorded in Abyss Studio and produced by Peter T鋑tgren.
  3. It was produced by Peter T鋑tgren in Abyss Studios.
  4. Mixing and mastering of the album was done by Jonas Kjellgren at The Abyss studios.
  5. "At the Heart of Winter " was recorded in November 1998 at Abyss Studios in Sweden.
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  7. The album was produced by Peter T鋑tgren, and is the only Enslaved album recorded and produced at his Abyss studio.
  8. It was released recording in Abyss Studios in April 1997, and released on Necropolis Records the following year in August 1998.
  9. The original recording was produced by Dan Swan?at The Abyss Studio and recorded the album that was eventually released to the public.
  10. At the close of 1998, the band entered Abyss Studios ( Sweden ) to record " The Apocalypse Manifesto ".
  11. In 2010 Kampfar went to the famous Abyss Studio in Sweden to record their next album " Mare " with producer Peter T鋑tgren.
  12. After a year of rehearsals and gigs, they recorded a demo called " Submissive " in the Abyss Studio, and three full-length albums after that.
  13. The band's debut album, " Ghouls Of Grandeur ", was recorded in Abyss Studios in Sweden, March 2003, and was mixed by Peter T鋑tgren.
  14. It was recorded at The Abyss Studio in Grang鋜de, Sweden, with engineer and producer Peter T鋑tgren, who also produced Dark Funeral's earlier studio albums ( with the exception of " Attera Totus Sanctus " ).
  15. In 2013 the band went back to Abyss Studio to record their sixth studio album " Djevelmakt ", this time working with Jonas Kjellgren as producer and Peter T鋑tgren doing the mixing . " Djevelmakt " was released worldwide January 27, 2014.
  16. The album was recorded with producer Pelle Saether ( Ebony Tears, Carnal Forge, Necrodeath ) at Studio Underground in V鋝ter錽, Sweden, in January 2009 . It was then mixed and mastered by famed producer and Scar Symmetry guitarist Jonas Kjellgren, at his Abyss Studios.
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