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  1. Blackwell's took over the Heffers bookshops in Cambridge in 1999, and in 2002 acquired the academic bookshops of James Thin in Scotland.
  2. :For what it's worth, I used ( 30 years ago ) to work for a small chain of Scottish academic bookshops which, in addition to textbooks, could also provide ( real ) human skeletons ( whole or half ) for medical students.
  3. I am a Wikipedia editor with a background in the Humanities and Philosophy for over twenty years; I have worked in academic bookselling ( Shepherd's books were sold in the main academic bookshop in Cambridge, where I worked for four years ) and publishing; and I have actually read Shepherd's books.
  4. Professional and academic bookshops will also sometimes sell more technical checklists and so forth ( intended for semi-professionals, like paralegals or nurses ); while these aren't intended to replace lawyers or doctors respectively, I'd bet that in deprived places they often nevertheless are .-- Talk 20 : 40, 9 September 2009 ( UTC)
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