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  1. to reduce huge computation of the traditional stochastic optimization methods for engineering optimization, approximation model methods with acceptable accuracy for engineering design are developed based on the statistical theory
  2. for parameter a, there is a close relationship exist between a ( 9, sr ) in two different radar incident angle that can be expressed as : with considering the effects of soil texture, we get the final expression of the inversion model : where mv ( t1 ), mv ( t2 ) is volumetric soil moisture content in two different temp, c, d is soil type related parameters, and v ( t1 ), s ( t2 ) is coresponding bare soil radar backscattering coefficients . inversion results show that for the c band hh polarized radarsat scansar data with a range of incidence angle from 20 to 40, the soil moisture change value can be derived with an acceptable accuracy using the above model . the temporal and spatial soil moisture change patterns are associated with rainfall and vegetation cover, as well as the soil hydraulic characteristics
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