acceptable in the 80s造句


  1. ""'Acceptable in the 80s "'" is the debut single by Scottish recording artist Calvin Harris.
  2. It was preceded by the singles " Acceptable in the 80s " and " The Girls ", which reached numbers 10 and three on the UK Singles Chart, respectively.
  3. Its first two singles, " Acceptable in the 80s " and " The Girls ", peaked at numbers 10 and three, respectively, on the UK Singles Chart, while the third single, " Merrymaking at My Place ", reached number 43.
  4. After another handful of shows at Pontins to start 2016, ATTACK ! then returned to one of its core venues of Cathays Community Centre on January 17, 2016, for an 80s-themed event named " It Was Acceptable In The 80's ".
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