acceptable limits造句

"acceptable limits"是什么意思   


  1. the federal reserve considers this within acceptable limits
  2. the federal reserve considers this within acceptable limits
  3. the federal reserve considers this within acceptable limits
  4. her name is becoming synonymous with the debate about the acceptable limits of medical intervention in the care of disabled people
  5. in this case, knowledge of the uncertainty shows whether the result is well within the acceptable limits or only just makes it
  6. It's difficult to find acceptable limits in a sentence. 用acceptable limits造句挺难的
  7. if they are touched or someone comes too close to them, with or without the agreement of their master, the acceptable limits of security for the dog may be broken
  8. pinsent, a former ioc and current british olympic association member, felt children were being pushed beyond acceptable limits in pursuit of excellence
  9. performance of test materials in the writing and speaking modules is routinely analysed to check on the comparability of different test versions and to ensure any variation is within the acceptable limit
  10. for any development proposal that may increase the number of people living or working in the " consultation zone ", a risk assessment has to be carried out in accordance with the hkpsg with the objective of ensuring that the risks posed by the phi to the public are confined within acceptable limits
  11. we can thus speculate that the simultaneous over-expression of all three or even two of the three dnd genes may have bad effect on the cell and is thus under the tight control, and dosage of the dnd proteins in the cell can not exceed the acceptable limit


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