accident enquiry造句

"accident enquiry"是什么意思   


  1. Currently it is left to the flag states to issue safety certificates and conduct accident enquiries.
  2. However, the findings of the accident enquiry dented this pride and the company immediately started experiments into improved vacuum braking systems.
  3. The accident enquiry, conducted by Lt Col G R S Wilson, found the track to be in good condition and the speed of the train not to be excessive.
  4. However, the low clouds ( at 240 m ) must have prevented any witnesses from seeing the plane for more than a few seconds and the report was subsequently discounted by the accident enquiry ( see below ).
  5. DGCA official Zaidi claimed " better data protection " while unnamed officials mentioned heavy damage to the devices . the Government of India decided to set up an independent air accident enquiry board called the Civil Aviation Authority that would function independently of the DGCA . Effectively this meant that the DGCA would be the regulator and the CAA the investigator.


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