accident file造句

"accident file"是什么意思   


  1. At least eight people injured in the accident filed suits against her, seeking millions of dollars.
  2. CUTTING EDGE : From the happy accident file comes a new line of cutting boards made from bamboo.
  3. Checking its accident files, it compared survival rates and serious injury rates in serious crashes for drinkers and nondrinkers and found that the inebriated fared worse.
  4. A man who says he was kicked in the groin by Mike Tyson following a minor traffic accident filed an assault charge Wednesday against the former heavyweight boxing champion.
  5. On 17 June 2009, the sole survivor and the families of the 15 passengers who died in the accident filed a U . S lawsuit against Sikorsky and its subsidiary Keystone Helicopter Corporation.
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  7. Another sergeant from the Peekskill barracks who was assigned to investigate the hit-and-run accident filed a civil suit in February contending that state police internal affairs investigators tried to intimidate him into informing on the two other troopers who were indicted Monday.


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