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  1. Thailand's Aircraft Accident Investigation Committee ( AAIC ) opened an investigation into the accident.
  2. The accident is under investigation by public prosecutors and by a special accident investigation committee.
  3. "It was survival of the fittest, " said Kari Lehtola, a Finnish member of the accident investigation committee.
  4. A few months after the accident, divers investigated the ferry at the request of an international accident investigation committee.
  5. The government organized an accident investigation committee, but officials would not speculate on what caused the plane to crash.
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  7. "It was the survival of the fittest, " said Kari Lehtola, a Finnish member of the accident investigation committee.
  8. The "'Aircraft Accident Investigation Committee of Thailand "'( "'AAIC "', ) is the aircraft accident and incident investigation committee of Thailand.
  9. Investigators of the ministry's accident investigation committee plan to interview passengers who were seated near the escape slides for further details, the newspaper said.
  10. In their first meeting Wednesday, members of the government's nuclear accident investigation committee blamed the lax quality and safety controls for the accident, Shiraga said.
  11. Quoting the Transport Ministry's aircraft accident investigation committee, NHK said about 270 of the passengers also said they remembered no announcement recommending that passengers buckle up before the turbulence.
  12. The ministry's Aircraft Accident Investigation Committee said the pilot, seeing that an engine had failed, aborted takeoff unnecessarily after receiving a signal that it was too late to abort without crashing.
  13. The survey polled 358 people, or nearly 96 percent of the passengers on board the flight, about the seat-belt issue, said Toshio Murayama, an official with the Japanese Transportation Ministry's Aircraft Accident Investigation Committee.
  14. He has served on the ALPA Air Safety & Accident Investigation committee and developed audio / visual training programs for pilots during a 30-year career with USAirways ( " formerly Allegheny Airlines " ).
  15. The Accident Investigation Committee determined that Kato crashed when he lost control of his machine, which entered a near high-side state, followed by an uncontrollable oscillating weave resulting in him leaving the track and striking the barrier.
  16. Jouko Koskimies of the Accident Investigation Committee said a controller had instructed an aircraft headed for Oulu, 600 kilometers ( 370 miles ) north of Helsinki, to fly westward in the belief that it was heading for the Swedish capital, Stockholm.
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