account of bankruptcy造句

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  1. In the fund - collecting aspect , following the particularity of it and the problems during the developing process , the author appoints the potential function that the popular capital will be introduced to vc . in view of high risk of vc , the author specially presents two methods of evaluation of investment item . following the advanced experience of foreign countries , the author recommends four withdrawing methods , such as initial pubic offering ( ipo ) , sell , mergers & acquisitions ( m & a ) and clear account of bankruptcy
    在融资方面,从融资的特殊性着手,结合我国当前融资存在的问题及对策,重点指出将民间资本引入风险投资的潜在作用;由于风险投资存在高风险,项目评价部分对风险投资项目的风险和收益进行评价分析,然后论述了风险投资项目的几种评价指标评价;结合国外投资退出经验,文章提出ipo 、出售、并购和破产清算等四种风险投资退出方式,并分析其在我国的适用性,指出并购是我国目前最合适的退出路径。
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