1. Achstetten was first mentioned in a charter dated 1194.
  2. From 1356 to 1447, the Freiherrn von Freyberg were the sole rulers of Achstetten.
  3. The then independent municipality of Dellmensingen bought the castle in 1955 from the Counts of Achstetten.
  4. The possessions of the monastery of Wiblingen in Achstetten were, however, certainly older than 1194.
  5. Amongst others it ruled over a third of the villages of Achstetten and Kirchberg and half of Oberholzheim.
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  7. Passing Rot an der Rot, where it is joined by the small river Schwendi, Burgrieden towards Achstetten.
  8. The Hil ( de ) gartstra遝 in Achstetten is a reminder of an Heidenheim to Aalen and W黵zburg, terminating at Fulda.
  9. There is evidence to indicate that a road towards the crossing of the river Iller branched off on the territory of Achstetten.
  10. From Schwendi onwards the river has been channelised, with a weir at Achstetten to slow down the flow of the water.
  11. In 1442, the rule over Achstetten was divided amongst three brothers, Eberhard von Freyberg, Hans von Freyberg and Wilhelm von Freyberg.
  12. As part of the mediatization, Achstetten became temporarily part of Bavaria in 1805, only to be handed over to the newly formed Kingdom of W黵ttemberg in 1806.
  13. Two of the three co-heirs to the lordship of Achstetten, Eberhard and Hans von Freyberg, sold their rights of patronage over Burgrieden to Heggbach Abbey in 1420.
  14. After Dellmensingen had become part of the newly founded Kingdom of W黵ttemberg, the castle was sold into private hands, first, in 1814, to two patricians from Asch in 1840 and finally to Count Karl Viktor Reuttner von Weyl from Achstetten in 1851.


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