acht orte造句


  1. The conquest of Aargau in 1415 brought the two religious houses under the vogt of the " Acht Orte " of the Swiss Confederation.
  2. Appenzell became a protectorate of the " Acht Orte " in 1411, who concluded a 50-year peace with Frederick IV in 1412.
  3. Glarus joined the Old Swiss Confederacy in 1352 as one of the foundational eight cantons ( " Acht Orte " ) of the period of 1353 1481.
  4. The Old Z黵ich War, which began as a dispute over the succession to the count of Toggenburg, was a more serious test of the unity of the " Acht Orte ".
  5. A few years later, in 1393, the so-called " Sempacherbrief " was signed between the " Acht Orte " ( the original eight Swiss cantons ), plus the associated Canton of Solothurn.
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  7. Following the acquisition of the county of Sargans as a " Gemeine Herrschaft " of the Old Swiss Confederacy, the abbey became a condominium between Sargans and the " Acht Orte " of the Confederacy minus Berne.
  8. Not only was this the first document signed by all eight of the " Acht Orte " ( plus the associated Solothurn ), but it also defined that none of them was to unilaterally start a war without the consent of all the others.
  9. This confederation of eight cantons ( " Acht Orte " ) was politically and militarily successful for more than a century, culminating in the Burgundy Wars of the 1470s which established it as a power in the complicated political landscape dominated by Early Modern period.
  10. This alliance of the " Acht Orte " was a not a homogeneous state but rather a conglomerate of eight independent cities and lands, held together not by one single pact but by a net of six different " eternal " pacts, none of which included all eight parties as signatories.
  11. In the west, the " Vier Waldst鋞ten " had already formed an alliance with the city of Bern in 1323, and even sent a detachment to help the Bernese forces in their territorial expansion against the dukes of Savoy and the Habsburgs in the Battle of Laupen in 1339 . In 1353, Bern entered an " eternal " alliance with the confederation, completing the " alliance of the eight places " ( " Bund der Acht Orte " ).


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