1. The story is told that Achtan had a vision as she slept next to Art.
  2. Achtan then took him to Fiachrae Cass醤, who had been Art's foster-father.
  3. To ensure the survival of his bloodline in case of his death, Olc Acha proposed Cormac sleep with Achtan and conceive a son.
  4. In the Irish saga, Cath Maige Mucrama, Achtan is named as the daughter of Olc Acha of the Crich 觟c Bethra, near what is now Clarenbridge, County Galway.
  5. Achtan gave birth to Cormac mac Airt, ancestor of the Connachta, making her ancestor of Irish dynasties such as U?Fiachrach, U?Bri鷌n, U?Ailello, Muintir Murchada.
  6. It's difficult to find achtan in a sentence. 用achtan造句挺难的
  7. However, according to Keating, Achtan was Art's official mistress, to whom he paid a dowry of cattle; his wife, and the mother of his other children, was Medb Lethderg.
  8. It had been prophesied that a great dignity would come from Olc's line, so he offered the High King his daughter to sleep with that night, and Cormac was conceived ( Geoffrey Keating says that Achtan was Art's official mistress, to whom he had given a dowry of cattle ).


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