action projects造句

"action projects"是什么意思   


  1. Creating a custom action project
  2. To add the primary output of the custom action project to the setup project
  3. To create a custom action project right - click the solution node in solution explorer
  4. Class within the custom action project . to create a custom action that edits the application manifest
  5. Basing on the multiple comprehension of the processive learning assessment , we designed , implemented and verified an action project
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  7. The environmental education and community action projects vetting sub - committee was entrusted to select the proposals and examine the quarterly and completion reports submitted by the successful applicants
  8. The environmental campaign committee vets and approves applications for up to 150 , 000 for environmental education and community action projects . applications for higher amounts are also vetted by the ecc , but its recommendations have to be endorsed by the environment and conservation fund committee ecf committee


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