activities program造句


  1. Regular activities programs are free for kids in several age groups.
  2. A complete resort activities program targeted at families is offered daily.
  3. CSA offers instructor training for a group physical activity program called FallProof.
  4. The drama program is considered part of the athletics and activities program.
  5. PERC also provides a Summer Activities Program for children.
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  7. Live bird programs and owl pellets activity program.
  8. Supervised activity programs and decreasing mechanical stress with braces and adaptive equipment are recommended.
  9. Revenue generated from attendance at athletic events helps support the entire student activities program.
  10. The NSW Forestry Corporation runs volunteer and school holiday activities programs within the forest.
  11. The academic, athletic, and activity programs have continued to excel since its opening.
  12. The Club supports a junior activities program encouraging leadership and community activities with its junior members.
  13. But there is growing evidence that they would be much better off with a more varied activity program.
  14. There are few activity programs or skills training to break the monotony, no music, no artwork.
  15. In 1913, Boy Scouting became the official youth activity program for the church's young men.
  16. "' Little Athletics "'is an Australian activity program that involves modified SA ).
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