activities ratios造句

"activities ratios"是什么意思   


  1. method for measuring the activity ratios of ra226 to ra228 in geological water samples
  2. liquidity, profitability, leverage, solvency, and activity ratios were included in most models . business models generally accepted which based on china market has not been developed . chapter 3 is about research methods in the field
  3. it displayed that gdh pathway might be predominant and gs / gogat cycle be secondary in ammonia assimilation by analysis of the activity ratios of gs / gdh and gs / gogat . results indicated that the amination capability was enhanced in the non-heading chinese cabbage leaves treated with chitosan . the enhanced amination capacity by gdh would in turn lead to the increase of the soluble protein content
  4. It's difficult to find activities ratios in a sentence. 用activities ratios造句挺难的


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