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  1. Research on theory model of computer adaptive test
  2. Study on multidimensional adaptive testing
  3. Research of remote computer adaptive test model based on mobile agent
  4. Besides , the thesis also introduces the implementation of the adaptive test
  5. Item selection strategies of computerized adaptive testing based on graded response model
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  7. The research on test equating is very important for test equity , item banking , teaching quality assessing , and computerized adaptive test
  8. Computerized adaptive testing ( cat ) , which is come forth not long ago and is still developing , is comparatively supported by items response theory
    计算机化自适应考试( computerizedadaptivetesting , cat )基于项目反应理论,是一种方兴未艾的考试形式。
  9. The system consists of sorts of modules , such as on - line learning , on - line adaptive test , on - line question and answer , on - line management of courseware , etc . the system builds an interactive distance education platform
  10. And computer adaptive test based on web is one of them . cat meets irt and becomes one of the important researchs about examination system in china . we research the item bank of cat system based on web
  11. The thesis covers several research aspects in distance education , such as constructionism and adaptive test theory , etc . from the perspective of web - based software development , this thesis mainly discusses the ensemble architecture design of the distance education system
  12. In computerized adaptive testing ( cat ) , tests are automatically tailored to the proficiency level of the individual examinees , and the testing result is independent of examination items . cat can measure the real capacities of the examinees more exactly , more impersonality , and reduce the number of questions and shorten the test without affecting the reliability of the test
  13. According to the review and comparison of today ' s adsl test instruments , the author finds the lack of the traditional test methods and indicates that easy to use , versatility and extensible are crucial aspects to design an adsl test instruments . the author also bring up a new method , the adaptive test method which can be used to test the adsl ' s transmission characters on the whole band dynamically
    通过对国内外现有adsl检测设备的特点进行总结和比较之后,找出了传统测试方法的不足之处,指出易用性、通用性和可扩展性是设计adsl测试仪表的关键,提出了新的adsl线路传输特性的检测方案? ?使用自适应算法实现对adsl整个频段的衰减情况动态测量,并且在matlab上进行了仿真。
  14. Besides it can release teachers from burdensome work as test papers organization , marks determinant and result analysis , etc . in now a days , technology of computer - based test are widely used in many kinds of diploma tests , post and rank tests , certificate tests . computer adaptive test ( cat ) bases on item response theory ( irt ) arose in the middle of 1980 ' s . cat is brought forward to dispel the limitation of classical test theory
    八十年代中期兴起的基于项目反应理论( irtitemresponsetheory )的计算机自适应考试( catcomputeradaptivetest )系统是针对经典测量理论( ctt )的局限性提出来的,能针对不同的考生的答题情况合理选择后面的出题, “因材施考” 。
  15. In the test , the test parameters have nothing to do with students " quality , the final mark also be free with test items . the classical test fixs in with speculate habits , but is impacted on test items . because of the computer adaptive test ' s techology is very complex and test items work is too hard , point blank and concision are n ' t same as the classical test , it ca n ' t carry forward as that one hi this paper , compare two kinds of test to seek the best way to measure students quality subjectively and analys after examation . based
  16. For students , specily in internet , time and address are not questions . today , the compter aided test have been apply for the all kind of test we wil intrduce toyou the computer test based on database . there are two kind of test mode , one is classical test , that is to select item from item bank , use the same paper to test different students . the other is cat ( computer adaptive test ) , which use different paper to test different students . cat can measure more quickly and easy , it can reach the same precision with only half time and about 40 % quantity of written examination
    本文通过对武汉化工学院计算机辅助考试系统( whictcomputertest )的分析,介绍作者对传统的计算机辅助考试与基于项目反应理论的自适应考试系统cat ( computeradaptivetest )相结合的新型考试系统的设计方法和实现过程,指出传统考试系统符合教师思维习惯的优点和受测试样本影响的不足,以及项目反应理论虽具有理论的先进性(系统测试中考试项目样本参数与考生能力无关,考试最终成绩不受测试样本影响)但是难以推广的根本原因。
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