1. From 2000-2008 Associate Professor of Economics at UNSW / ADFA.
  2. This academy became known as the Australian Defence Force Academy ( ADFA ).
  3. The academic side of ADFA is run by the University of New South Wales.
  4. ADFA participated in 2014 as trial year and hope to participate again in 2016.
  5. At ADFA, officers and senior NCOs lead the daily lives of the cadets.
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  7. ADFA midshipmen are also undergraduate students of the University of New South Wales ( UNSW ).
  8. In 1986 ADFA opened and began providing military and tertiary academic education for Midshipmen and Officer Cadets.
  9. The Commandant of ADFA is appointed by the Australian Defence Force for a period of three years.
  10. This was followed in 1986 with the opening of the nearby Australian Defence Force Academy ( ADFA ).
  11. The ADFA is also adjacent to the Australian Army military academy, the Royal Military College, Duntroon.
  12. This review has led to a second tranche of major reform at ADFA, which is still underway.
  13. With his colleagues at ADFA, he produced the " Oxford Companion to Australian Military History ".
  14. ADFA has also developed a relationship with The University of Western Australia and sends academic staff to conduct medical student teaching.
  15. UNSW has previously used the asperand to brand its association with the Australian Defence Force Academy, " UNSW @ ADFA ".
  16. In the first year of its inception it reached the Grand Final of the Armidale & District Football Association ( ADFA ).
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