1. The action languages superseded the ADFD approach, so all actions are written in textual form.
  2. In December 2014, a 700-unit housing project funded by the ADFD in Asilah City was near completion.
  3. In November 2014, the ADFD signed an agreement with Madagascar's government to provide 110 million AED in soft loans for infrastructure development.
  4. A 500KW solar project with battery storage on the Tongan island of Vava u was also funded by the ADFD through a $ 5 million grant.
  5. The "'Abu Dhabi Fund for Development "'( ADFD ) is an autonomous foreign aid agency established by the government of Abu Dhabi in 1971.
  6. It's difficult to find adfd in a sentence. 用adfd造句挺难的
  7. As of December 2014, the ADFD reduced annual interest rates on this program's loans to one to two percent to encourage more countries to apply for funding.
  8. ADFD funded the first phase of construction for the Tangier-Mediterranean Port with a loan of AED 734.6 million and a grant of AED 367.3 million for a total of AED 1.1 billion.
  9. "For months they were saying to me from various parts of the media world that they wanted me to do a syndicated radio show, a syndi'adFd TV show, and now these guys with a reality show,"
  10. Whether to first merge some of the content, and what the target should be, dis not have a clear a consensus, but those are editorial decisions that need not be settled at an AdfD in any case . ( talk ) 06 : 20, 4 March 2010 ( UTC ))
  11. The ADFD said the three-phase project includes a museum, a school, and a bus station and will be turned over to the Moroccan government in early 2015.400 units were completed in the first phase, 200 in the second phase, and 100 were scheduled for the third phase.


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