1. In 2000, AdForum unveiled its AdFolio service, a searchable library of advertising creative work.
  2. AdForum charges agencies $ 4, 950 a year to post and update their creative material and related information like contacts and previous work.
  3. AdForum Maydream Inc . is a Company founded in 1999 to provide information on the advertising industry to marketers, industry professionals and the trade press.
  4. He said that AdForum, which is based in Hoboken, N . J ., but also has offices in London and Paris, worked more like a business-to-business research library.
  5. Maydream SA is introducing a Web site named Agency Preview ( www . adforum . com ), a database that will include information about subscribing agencies like credentials, client rosters, billings, specialty services and awards.
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  7. In July 2016, one of these ads-" Every bottle of Sleeman has a past-A shady past "-won the Best Alcohol Ad of the Month from AdForum, an online showcase for advertising agencies.
  8. His appearance in  Coverage for Yard Fitness earned producers a Belding, Bronze Lion, London International Advertising Award, and an Adforum Creative Hit Award; the commercial was featured on ABC s  World s Greatest Commercials . 
  9. Rob Drasin, vice president for U . S . sales at AdForum . com, another Web site that archives and streams TV commercials, said AdCritic's demise was inevitable given its decision to cater to a huge consumer audience.


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