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  1. The president has tried to woo it , with promises of increased “ trade - adjustment assistance ” , a package of benefits aimed at helping retrain workers who lose their jobs as a result of increased foreign competition , and offering to toughen the labour standards required of trade partners
    总统试图拉拢以争取更多的“贸易调整援助” ,这一系列援助旨在帮助再培训那些因为增加的国外竞争而失去工作的工人们,并提供完善贸易合伙人要求的劳工标准。
  2. I hereby direct the secretary of commerce and the secretary of labor to expedite consideration of any trade adjustment assistance applications received from domestic hanger producers or their workers and to provide such other requested assistance or relief as they deem appropriate , consistent with their statutory mandates . the united states trade representative is authorized and directed to publish this memorandum in the federal register . george w . bush ( end text )
    对提出请求的国内生产厂商来说, 421条款并非他们寻求调整进口竞争的唯一途径。我特此责成商务部长和劳工部长迅速考虑国内衣架生产厂商或其工人提出的任何“贸易调整协助” (
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